Concerts starting this week: Hans & Ruby & Chad // Paul Santner Solo // Taco Tuesday & Saturday, Mexican Brunch Sunday /


We are thrilled to announce that our regular series of concerts begins again in August. Here are the specifics:

– Beginning this Saturday, August 1st, concerts are back as usual, Tue-Sun.

– Our very tasty, musico-nutritious collaboration with Taco Kween will continue as usual on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

– We will of course continue to monitor and closely follow all guidance from the Ordnungsamt and the Berlin Senate to protect us all from Covid-19. We’ll still need to wait awhile before cramming people inside a small space. This means that only approximately 25 people at a time may sit in our bar / stage area to enjoy the music. (The exact number is subject to change as requirements become more strict or more lax over time. Our staff will keep you informed of the most up-to-date requirements, z.b. contact tracing, etc., as conditions change.)

– At present, we do not have a reservation system, so if you want a seat, come early. If you show up and there’s no place in the bar left, don’t leave! Read below, and come and enjoy a drink at our expanded sidewalk table seating.

– To allow more people to hear the music (and pay the musicians!), we are temporarily switching to a “two-shows-per-night” system. This means that if you were one of the 25 who watched the first set in the bar, we invite you to join us for a drink in our sidewalk seating outside or in the cozy back room for a drink. This will free up space during the second set for people who were outside waiting. Even in a pandemic, there’s plenty of music to go around!

– We are doing our best to make shows at tiny Donau115 as great as they can be in a very strict situation. We can’t promise we’ll get it perfect on the first try, so please be patient with us. We are also very open to your suggestions. If you have any good ideas after your first post-Covid visit that you think might make things run better, by all means reach out to us:

– Liebe Gäste, liebe Musicweirdos, liebe Jazz Nerds of BerlinWE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU.

With all the hope in the world for a better back half of 2020, we remain,

Ihre Donau115


Sa, 1. August
Hans and Ruby and Chad

Hans Bilger- songs
Ruby Bilger- songs
Chad Matheny- songs

Hans, Ruby, Chad, and a handful of other Donau115ers have been meeting regularly every Thursday over the summer to share, arrange, and record new music. Come hear what they’ve been up to.


So, 2. August
Paul Santner solo / Sunday Brunch

// // // // //


Di, 4. August Two-Song Tuesday // OPEN MIC //
Mi, 5. August Stereo Heart
Do, 6. August Windisch Quartett

Fr, 7. August Greg Cohen and Declan Forde
Sa, 8. August Until Quintet
So, 9. August TBA

…und noch vieles mehr und mehr und… you’ll just have to wait and see! 

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