Di, 21. September Two-Song Tuesday // OPEN MIC //
Mi, 22. September Practically Married #31 featuring Evi Filippou

Do, 23. September Ramiro Zayas 4
Fr, 24. September Philip Zoubek Trio
Sa, 25. September Rosina Bullen Live
So, 26. September ELECTION NIGHT with Spaßbremse and Corner Späti

……Concerts: 10 Euros or more.
…………We started the Donau115 Musician Fund.
………………The bar accepts card payments now.
……………………More info below.

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Di, 21. September 
Two-Song Tuesday // OPEN MIC //

///// TWO-SONG TUESDAY /////
[sign up 19:00 // start 20:00]

[CORONA SAFETY MEASURE: please bring your own microphone if you have one.]
Calling all songwriters!
Calling all composers and instrumentalists and synth wizards!
Calling all poets and writers and storytellers!
Do you have new solo or duo material you’re itching to present? Join us for Donau115’s regular open stage series, Two-Song Tuesdays.
Your set may include TWO SONGS or last TEN MINUTES.
“How do I get booked?”
// Just show up
// There is no pre-booking
// Sign up opens at 19:00 (first come, first booked)
// The first performer will begin at 20:30
// No soundcheck – so be ready. Slip on, blow minds, slip off.
“What can I play?”
This is entirely up to you. Out of respect for our neighbours:
– you may NOT use loud percussion and loud bass-heavy signals into the PA.
– you are welcome to use our backline, which includes:
— piano
— generic vocal microphones
— PA, accepting guitar/XLR cables

“Anything else?”
Donau115 is a very fun but weird musician’s musician kind of bar, come expecting oddballs.


Mi, 22. September
Practically Married #31 featuring Evi Filippou

Declan Forde – Piano
James Banner – Double Bass

special guest:
Evi Filippou – percussion

improvised music.


Do, 23. September
Ramiro Zayas 4

Ramiro Zayas (p)
Isak Ingvarsonn (ts)
Lisa Hoppe (b)
Leo Gerstner (d)

Contemporary Jazz

Spotify, You Tube, Deezer, Amazon Music: Ramiro Zayas Grupo
Besonders spannend am Jazz ist es, dass er uns auf akustische Reisen durch die Welt mitnimmt. Die musikalischen Traditionen oder Hörgewohnheiten verschiedenster Länder und Regionen fließen in den Jazz mit ein, werden von ihm absorbiert. Ramiro Zayas kommt aus Argentinien und hat im 2019 eine neue CD mit dem Titel “Río Interior” vorgelegt, die ursprünglich in Buenos Aires entwickelt wurde.
(Text: Regina Cámara) 


Fr, 24. September 
Philip Zoubek Trio

Philip Zoubek Trio
Philip Zoubek – Piano
David Helm – Bass
Dominik Mahnig – Drums

With his playing on the prepared grand piano, Philip Zoubek has developed a unique style within contemporary European jazz. Through his use of this technique, he has created a new and highly differentiated tonal language that employs references from jazz history and exponents of contemporary new music as background motifs. Zoubek is an unconventional pianist who has devoted himself to what is probably the most conventional of jazz formations: the piano trio. As his 2018 album “Outside” attests, Zoubrek, along with contrabassist David Helm and drummer Dominik Mahnig, enjoys turning the page to find something new. One critic chose it as his album of the year, another called the group the best piano trio to come along in some time. The trio proved to be the ideal format for these three musicians who, with their thirst for adventure and intensive work ethic, continually refine their common language through a collective process. They draw from an expansive musical foundation, which they reinterpret through their intense interactivity and the seamlessly interconnected flow of composition and improvisation.

Sa, 25. September
Rosina Bullen Live

Jonathan Lindhorst – tenor
Sölvi Kolbeinsson – alto
Simon Jermyn – guitar
Matt Adomeit – bass
Joe Smith – drums

Since it’s release in 2000, “The Vastness of Space” from bassist Reid Anderson (The Bad Plus) has become an enduring benchmark for an entire generation of young musicians. Featuring Bill McHenry, Andrew D’Angelo, Ben Monder, Marlon Bowden, and Reid, this album has continued to inspire a generation of musicians from around the world 21 years later. Please join us as we pay tribute to this modern masterpiece by performing such classics as “Prehensile Dream”, “Silence is the Question” and “The Enthusiast”.



So, 26. September 
ELECTION NIGHT with Spaßbremse and Corner Späti

Ted and Michelle from the crucial Spaßbremse English-language German politics podcast join the legendary Corner Späti for a special night of live election coverage.

From Ted:
“Join us as we break down the German election results live and find out which cursed group of parties will soon guide our beautiful Sozialemarktwirtschaft.”

Spaßbremse podcast:
Spaßbremse Twitter:
Corner Späti podcast:
Corner Späti Twitter:

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TUES-SUN FROM 18.00 – 00.00
We do not have a reservation system – show up early enough to get a seat! // // // // //

Plague Fun: Corona Rules

Case numbers are low, but the bug’s still around so we will be taking many measures to make sure we’re all doing our part to end the pandemic once and for all.

1: OUTSIDE SEATING- To join us outside, you must provide contact tracing information. We will keep this information safe for the required amount of time and destroy it with fire once that time has elapsed.

2: INSIDE SEATING- To join us inside, you must provide contact tracing information as above. Additionally, you must provide a proof of full vaccination/recovery, without exception (2G)

3: NO STANDING ROOM- If you are inside, you must be either seated or moving. Absolutely no standing will be allowed. A maximum of ten people, from a maximum of five households, may sit at a table pod.

4: MASKS– wear one when walking around the space

5: BE PATIENT AND FLEXIBLE- These rules are subject to change. We follow the directions of the Berlin Senate and when they provide new guidelines we will follow those. Always check the FB event or the website prior to coming to the concert to make sure you’re prepared for any government limitations that may have been imposed since last time you checked.

Eintritts-Kanne + Donau115 Musician Fund

Please contribute 10 EURO OR MORE to the Eintritts-Kanne. That’s your entry fee. Each night’s musicians receive 100% of this hard-earned money.

The Donau115 Musician Fund boosts the Eintritts-Kanne when nightly collections are too low. Consider a monthly contribution to support economic stability for musicians who perform here. All contributors will receive an annual secret surprise, exclusively for contributors.


Donau115 – Alt von Harbou Matheny GbR
IBAN DE64100400000655707800
Subject: Solidarity ____
(Include your email address in place of the ___ to receive informaiton about the annual secret surprise.)

We Now Accept Card Payments

We now accept credit cards. If you’re out of cash, just tell our staff and we’ll run your card for you, no minimum, no fee. #DeutscheDigitalisierung

Di, 28. September Two-Song Tuesday // OPEN MIC //
Mi, 29. September Friede Merz // ambivore

Do, 30. September Attila Muehl “Lucid Dreamer”
Fr, 1. Oktober Treetop
Sa, 2. Oktober Lit vol. 3
So, 3. Oktober ZAHIR