DIESE WOCHE: 21.-26. JUNI, 2022

Di, 21. JuniTwo Song Tuesday – Fête de la Musique Edition w/ Emperor X, Miss Nöyd and YOU
Mi, 22. Juni Grgur Savic – Vortex Four
Do, 23. Juni Vetter / Dornbusch / Graupe / Henkelhausen / Steidle
Fr, 24. Juni Beatdenker – Postcontemporary Beats
Sa, 25. Juni Soulcrane
So, 26. Juni Caitlin Boulter and Zaki Hagins

………Concerts: 10 Euros or more.
……………We started the Donau115 Musician Fund.
………………….More info below.

Di, 21. JuniTwo Song Tuesday – Fête de la Musique Edition w/ Emperor X, Miss Nöyd and YOU

///// TWO-SONG TUESDAY /////

For Fête de la Musique 2022 we present a special edition of TWO SONG TUESDAY
[sign up 19:00 // start 20:00] PLAY TWO SONGS (or max. 10 minutes) // more details below

EMPEROR X https://emperorx.bandcamp.com/
MISS NÖYD https://linktr.ee/missnoyd
and [tba]
Calling all songwriters!
Calling all composers and instrumentalists and synth wizards!
Calling all poets and writers and storytellers!
Do you have new solo or duo material you’re itching to present? Join us for Donau115’s regular open stage series, Two-Song Tuesdays.
Your set may include TWO SONGS or last TEN MINUTES.
“How do I get booked?”
// show up at 19:00 to register at the bar
// The first performer will begin at 20:00
// No soundcheck, so be ready. Slip on, blow minds, slip off.
// The host will call you to the stage in a random order. You may not reserve a specific time slot.
// We let as many people play as possible. There is usually time for 12 performers. Some weeks more, some weeks less.
“What can I play?”
Also, out of respect for our neighbours:
– you may NOT use loud percussion and loud bass-heavy signals into the PA.
– you are welcome to use our backline, which includes:
— piano
— generic vocal microphones
— PA, accepting guitar/XLR cables
“Anything else?”
Donau115 is a very fun but weird musician’s musician kind of bar, come expecting oddballs.


Mi, 22. Juni 
Grgur Savic – Vortex Four

Grgur Savic – alt saxophone
Igor Lumpert – tenor saxophone
Ivar Roban Križić – bass
Matheus Jardim – drums

GRGUR SAVIC is saxophonist and composer based in Berlin since 2015.
Widely associated with his main projects: PITCH SHIFTING, SPACE TIGERS BERLIN, THE FORM and his newest GRGUR SAVIC VORTEX FOUR embracing the freedom, melodic power, harmonious joy and spirit performing his original compositions. Past musical projects include Mangroove, an experimental fusion, Free Willys, conceptual free music trio, Tub Force – post bop/fusion. Grgur’s music is available through the CD-s he has recorded, Youtube and others. In between recording and playing shows, Grgur is self studying on making short documentaries and movies which are involved in major of his music videos.
IGOR LUMPERT is tenor saxophonist and composer based in New York since 2000. He began his professional training at age 19 at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz, Austria, where he studied with Doug Hammond and Harry Sokal. During this period, he was a member of Munich-based band Sidewinders, winner of the “Best Jazz Group of Germany” award. After completing his studies with honors, Lumpert was invited by one of the world’s finest bassists, Reggie Workman, to study at the New School University in New York City. He received a scholarship and moved to New York in fall 2000. Lumpert’s music represents a unique fusion of jazz, funk, Eastern European rhythms, and modern neo-bop sketches. He has performed with jazz legends including Reggie Workman, John Abercrombie, Chico Hamilton, Sonny Simmons, Boris Kozlov, and Andy McKee.Lumpert has performed at jazz festivals in Munich, Ljubljana, Novi Sad, the Cankar Centre in Ljubljana, at major jazz clubs in New York including the Jazz Standard, Cornelia Street Cafe, Supper Club, and Birdland and venues in Vienna, Munich, Linz, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Novi Sad, Athens, Crete, Venice, and Hungary.
IVAR ROBAN KRIZIC is a double bass player and composer based in Vienna, Austria. He is doing an artistic research doctorate on freely improvised music at the University of Music and Performing Arts. In the summer of 2020 he recorded his first album “Sound”. The CD is dedicated to the research of new sound productions, the practices of freely improvised music, as well as the interpersonal relationships that affect the spontaneous expression of music. Momentan he is presenting the album for the first time in Croatia this winter followed by other European countries. He will be accompanied musically by the following Austrian musicians: Gerald Preinfalk (professor for classical saxophone at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz), Peter Herbert (professor for double bass at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz) and Nikola Vuković (graduate of the Jazz Academy at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz).
MATHEUS JARDIM is a Brazilian drummer residing and living in Vienna, Austria. The young music star in his short career has had the privilege to perform and play with most of the revered jazz names on the European and World music scene. Matheus has performed with artist such as Will Vinson, Alex Spiagin, Gabriel Grossi, Alex Core, Joander Cruz, Erik Asatrian, Michael Acker, Gerald Preinfalk, Georg Vogel, Fagner Wesley, Jo Jo Lackner, Mopedloewen and many many more…



Do, 23. Juni 
Vetter / Dornbusch / Graupe / Henkelhausen / Steidle

Clara Vetter – P
Phillip Dornbusch – Sax
Ronny Graupe – Git
Phil Donkin – B
Oli Steidle – Dr

The music of this quintet shifts between composed and improvised parts. With Ronny Graupe (guit), Felix Henkelhausen (b) and Olli Steidle (dr), Clara Vetter (p) and Phillip Dornbusch (sax) invite three outstanding players of the Berlin Jazz scene to add their unique characteristics to the music.




Fr, 24. Juni 
Beatdenker – Postcontemporary Beats

Postcontemporary Beats – Finger Drumming + Guitar Synth/FX + Live Loops + Endless Fun
“This is called real art.“ – The Further / Paris
“He offers a sound from the meta IDM world.“ – Plasticmag / London
“It is an experience that everyone needs to have.“ – Indieoclock / Brazil


Sa, 25. Juni 

Matthias Schwengler – Trompete
Matthew Halpin – Saxophon
Reza Askari – Bass
Philipp Brämswig – Gitarre

Mit “Soulcrane” präsentiert Matthias Schwengler einen Klangkörper, der es glänzend versteht, Retro-Feeling und neue Ansätze unter einen Hut zu bringen. Bei ihrem dritten Album „Soulcrane & Strings“ (Mons Records) arbeiten die Musiker abermals gemeinsam kompositorisch an einem klanglichen Werk und bleiben mit dem warmen Charakter dieser Musik stets auf einem kammermusikalischen Niveau. Geschafft wird eine Atmosphäre, die einer Unterhaltung unter Freunden gleicht. Soulcrane überzeugt mit einer fast familiären Persönlichkeit und verdeutlicht, wie eindringlich insbesondere die leisen Töne wirken können. Jedes Instrument ist gleichberechtigt und die vier Kölner Musiker verstehen es, den großen Spielraum stets musikalisch wertvoll zu füllen.Gemeinsam treten sie ganz natürlich als Kollektiv in Erscheinung und strahlen dabei große Harmonie und innere Ruhe aus.

„Fast schon wehmütig schwebt der Klang der Trompete durch den Raum…“
(Jazzthetik – Sep 2020)
„This album is highly recommended!“
(Jazz in Europe – Jul 2020)
„Another Step We Take ist für jene ein Must, die die Essenz von Tönen spüren und genießen wollen.”
(Jazz ’n’ more – Juli/Aug. 2020)


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TUES-SUN 18:00 – ??
We do not have a reservation system – show up early enough to get a seat! // // // // //

Eintritts-Kanne + Donau115 Musician Fund

Please contribute 10 EURO OR MORE to the Eintritts-Kanne. That’s your entry fee. Each night’s musicians receive 100% of this hard-earned money.

The Donau115 Musician Fund boosts the Eintritts-Kanne when nightly collections are too low. Consider a monthly contribution to support economic stability for musicians who perform here. All contributors will receive an annual secret surprise, exclusively for contributors.


Donau115 – Alt von Harbou Matheny GbR
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Subject: Solidarity ____
(Include your email address in place of the ___ to receive informaiton about the annual secret surprise.)

We Now Accept Card Payments

We now accept credit cards. If you’re out of cash, just tell our staff and we’ll run your card for you, no minimum, no fee. #DeutscheDigitalisierung


Di, 28. Juni Two-Song Tuesday
Mi, 29. Juni Birgitta Flick Quartet
Do, 30. Juni Practically Married Series Finale
Fr, 1. Juli Gal Liraz Quartet
             GRIP TIGHT DJ Set
Sa, 2. Juli Yuriy Seredin Quartet
So, 3. Juli TBA