DIESE WOCHE: 9. -13. AUGUST, 2022

Di, 09. August 10ST! Irini / Ikua & Ryu
Mi, 10. August Peter Meyer / Maria I.J. Reich // Der Hirte Albert 
Do, 11. August BRUNO S.
Fr, 12. August Matilda Abraham 
//////////               JONH DJ Set

Sa, 13. August Narr / Steidle Duo

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Di, 09. August 
10ST! Irini / Ikua & Ryu

It’s our third TEN-SONG TUESDAY.

This week:
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Ikua Shim – vocal, looper
Handong Ryu – Guitar

Ikua & Ryu is a South Korean guitar-vocal duo based in Berlin. They think it’s painfully awkward to write this introduction themselves in the third person. Interestingly, this awkwardness and shyness are often the main motifs of what they sing about. Their music is influenced partly by western classical, jazz, and most importantly by Korean folk music and K-pop back in the good old days.



Mi, 10. August 
Peter Meyer / Maria I.J. Reich // Der Hirte Albert 

Peter Meyer / Maria I.J. Reich
New music for violin, guitar and electronics. Compositions, fragments, improvisations. Electro-acoustic constructions, spheres, atoms, deconstructions, improvisation, pop, ambient, colors, sampling, indie, black, white, noise, prog, drone, beauty, dreamy.

Maria I. J. Reich – Violin
Peter Meyer- Guitar/ Electronics



AM ZAHN DER ZEIT (on the ravages of time)
One article, two names, one duo, a flawless sentence and a promising album.

Otto Hirte (sax, cl, fl) and Leon Albert (g) like to banter. But at the same time they have a crush on serious music. The tragedy of this inner conflict is noticable in their compositional work. The ensemble coruscates with this emotional intensity at any time, even throughout twelvetone compositions that last up to 15 minutes. These are complemented by virtuous improvisations on the double-saxophone and a baritone guitar and also by other originals which are inspired by contemporary jazz and popular music.
The digital and physical release date of Am Zahn der Zeit will be August 5th 2022.

Right on time for their tenth anniversary, the berlin based duo will celebrate the new CD in several concerts, from time to time with special guests.



Do, 11. August 

Lara Alarcón – voice
Cyrill Ferrari – guitar
Michael Cina – drums

Strongly influenced by the language of free improvisation, BRUNO S. reveals an exploration within genres in an exhaustive repetition, intensity and contrast.
After a series of compositions developed by the Argentinian/Berlin based vocalist Lara Alarcón, the trio worked around the concepts of liminality as a bridge between individual states, geopolitics, social states, in the search for aspects of human culture through which people from different backgrounds connect or engage.



Fr, 12. August
Matilda Abraham

Australian vocalist/singer/composer Matilda Abraham makes ambient, electronic pop music. Her sound combines a long-lasting fascination with songwriting with fluid, effortless vocals, warm synthesizers, and intricate song arrangements. Her very personal aesthetic emphasizes stylistic exploration, vocal beauty and emotional openness.

For this concert Matilda will present new and old original songs arranged especially for her jazz quartet featuring:
Carl Morgan (guitar)
Povel Widestrand (piano)
Tom Berkmann (bass)
Aaron Castrillo (drums)

It will be Matilda’s last gig for some months as she prepares to take maternity leave.



It is what it is and thank the good spirit that this is a JONH (one aka of many for our guest) DJ set at Donau115. Dark synth, post industrial sounds, cosmic country & Yugoslavian highlights are all possible – come find out what is. 23:15 – end; no cover.



Sa, 13. August
Narr / Steidle Duo

Leipzig Guitarist Steffi Narr and well known Berlin drummer Oliver Steidle form this brand new Duo with powerful drumming and a guitar that is growly, the antithesis of kitch- free improvisation at its most dynamic and incisive.

„You could feel the current of air forced from the basedrum over the molten rock guitar and dripping bellsounds.“
(Alison Bentley, London Jazz News)

Narr // Steidle gehen „In einer unmittelbaren, oft brachialen, aber auch überraschend lyrisch-fragilen Improvisation aufs Ganze.
(Stefan Pieper, nrwjazz.net)

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TUES-SUN 18:00 – ??
We do not have a reservation system – show up early enough to get a seat! // // // // //

Eintritts-Kanne + Donau115 Musician Fund

Please contribute 10 EURO OR MORE to the Eintritts-Kanne. That’s your entry fee. Each night’s musicians receive 100% of this hard-earned money.

The Donau115 Musician Fund boosts the Eintritts-Kanne when nightly collections are too low. Consider a monthly contribution to support economic stability for musicians who perform here. All contributors will receive an annual secret surprise, exclusively for contributors.


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Di, 16. August Two-Song Tuesday
Mi, 17. August Ramiro Zayas Ensemble 
Do, 18. August Eden Cami
Fr, 19. August Marcin Masecki Trio
//////////               Soft Pattern DJ Set
Sa, 20. August Tobias Meinhart Quartet
So, 21. August h i l d e