Di, 06. September 10 Song Tuesday: N’dea Smit & Alicia Shaneed
Mi, 07. September Mia Gjakonovski: CLOUD RESEARCH
Do, 08. September Camila Nebbia, Kenneth Jimenez & Axel Filip TRIO
Fr, 09. September PHOENIX LOVE // Baal & Mortimer DJ Set
Sa, 10. September Magro
So, 11. September Eleven

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Di, 06. September 
10 Song Tuesday: N’dea Smit & Alicia Shaneed

N’Dea Smith

Down to earth, mellow a mindset and likes to joke about things she finds hard to talk about. This is Berlin based singer songwriter N’Dea Smit from the Netherlands. Her songs will make you feel like you’re in a movie, and falling in love with the main character.
Like a rosy dream and you want to run through a sunflower field in early summer. Influenced by artists like Kacey Musgraves, Keaton Henson and Tori Kelly, N’Dea glides with you through the clouds singing about love but also mental health and racism. “Buckle up bestie, tonight we’re crying together!”



Alicia Shaneen

The german-indian songstress will take you on a journey through the sadness that lies in everything we touch. She writes of the heart’s sorrows and her loneliness that comes in waves of nostalgia.
Wherever melancholy drifts, Alicia Shaneen waits with open arms to be swept away in the sea of her vulnerability. And if you’re lucky, her melodies will wrap themselves around you like a house that was built for you to come home to.


Mi, 07. September 
Mia Gjakonovski: CLOUD RESEARCH

Mia Gjakonovski – Vocals, Effects, Composition
Jakob Reisener – Piano
Otis Sander – Bass
Dominik Witte – Drums

Als sie um drei Uhr morgens vor der Wohnungstür über die Handylautsprecher zu Lauryn Hill und Alexander Marcus mitsangen, sahen sie sich an und wussten, dass es Liebe ist.

CLOUD RESEARCH sind vier Berliner Musiker*innen, die gemeinsam erforschen, was sie musikalisch zusammenbringt und wie ihre Unterschiede in neue und interessante Richtungen verschmelzen können. Das Resultat ist kraftvolle, intime Musik geprägt durch unterschiedlichste Einflüsse.

Die Sängerin der Band, Mia Gjakonovski, hat einen Teil ihrer Wurzeln in Nordmazedonien und verbindet daher in ihren Kompositionen, verschiedene Odd Meter und melodische Klänge zu bisweilen fast poppig anmutenden Stücken.
Dabei erschafft ihre Stimme, die teilweise durch Effekte verzerrt oder harmonisiert wird, im Zusammenspiel mit der Rhythmusgruppe eine dichte und facettenreiche Athmosphäre.

Die Band formte sich im September ’21 in Berlin, wo sich die Musiker*innen im Studium kennenlernten. Sie sind im September ’22 auf Ihrer ersten größeren Tour in Deutschland unterwegs und freuen sich, ihre Musik mit ihren Zuhörer*innen zu teilen.

https://cloud-research.jimdosite.com/ueber-uns/ https://www.instagram.com/cloudresearch_/


Do, 08. September 
Camila Nebbia, Kenneth Jimenez & Axel Filip TRIO

Camila Nebbia tenor sax,
Kenneth Jimenez double bass,
Axel Filip drums

Nebbia Jimenez Filip TRIO is formed by Camila Nebbia in tenor sax from Argentina based in Hamburg, Kenneth Jimenez in double bass, from Costa Rica based in New York and Axel Filip in drums from Argentina, based in Berlin.
This powerful trio of free improvised music, reflects their unique personal sound full of energy, interactivity and a deep exploration of timbre and texture. Nebbia, Jimenez and Filip have been playing together in trio since they met and played in New York City in 2017.



Fr, 09. September 

Dora Osterloh (voc, comp)
Theresia Philipp (sax, cl)
Keisuke Matsuno (e-git)
Simon Jermyn (e-b)
Lukas Akintaya (dr)

Die in Berlin lebende Sängerin Dora Osterloh verbindet in ihrem musikalischen Ausdruck die Leichtigkeit der Improvisation mit harmonischer und melodischer Tiefe, sowie abstrakten und emotionalen Texten und rhythmischer Komplexität.
Als fester Teil der Berliner Jazz- und Improvisationsszene ist sie in unterschiedlichsten Konstellationen und Bands zu erleben. Kompositorisch arbeitete sie in den letzten Jahren für ihr Vokalensemble ENSEMBLE O und entwickelte diverse Solokonzepte, zuletzt das Singer-Songwriterprojekt SONGS.

Das Konzert am 9.9. bringt die Musik ihres neuen Bandprojektes PHOENIX LOVE zur Uraufführung.

English text
Berlin-based singer Dora Osterloh’s musical expression combines the ease of improvisation with harmonic and melodic depth, abstract and emotional lyrics and rhythmic complexity. As an integral part of the Berlin jazz and improvisation scene, she can be heard in a wide variety of bands. As a composer she recently has worked for her vocal ensemble ENSEMBLE O and developed various solo concepts, such as the singer-songwriter project SONGS.

The concert on September 9 will premiere the music of her new band project PHOENIX LOVE.



Baal & Mortimer DJ Set

Baal & Mortimer, a low key neighbourhood treasure who recently released The Torso Tapes LP and whose due is bound to be just around the corner is going to grace the Donau115 DJ zone with a selection of moods and feels which all are welcome to enjoy and ponder. 23:15 – end; no cover.



Sa, 10. September 

Rapturous – Voc
Leona Berlin – Voc
Igor Osypov – Guit
Martin Lüdicke – Keys
Magro – Drums

With his music Berlin-based drummer and producer MAGRO creates an unusual fusion of acoustic Jazz and produced Hip-Hop/RnB. His project combines many of his musical influences such as Herbie Hancock, J Dilla and Chris Dave.
After his first album “Trippin” was released in 2021 and was recently awarded with the German Jazz Prize (for “Debut Album of the Year”), Magro is now releasing his follow-up album “II” (pronounced: Two).

On the album he features, among others, the up-and-coming RnB singer Leona Berlin and the New York piano virtuoso BIGYUKI.
Over the years, Magro has collaborated with numerous artists as a drummer and producer, including Kenny Wesley, J Lamotta, Stimulus, Yvonne Mwale and Kurt Rosenwinkel. In addition, he has been a producer on many of Leona Berlin’s albums and singles – including “Wrong Lane (featuring Snoop Dogg)“, “Change” and “Leona Berlin.”

Tours and international festival appearances such as Jazzahead, Tremplin Jazz Avignon, Women in Music Festival Zambia and Havana World Music Festival have already taken him around the world.

On Magro’s new album “II” seemingly opposite worlds meet. Spacey Jazz worlds meet pumping Hip Hop beats, live recordings mix with abstract synth productions. For Magro, the album is an “emotional snapshot” of how “music with a Jazz attitude” sounds to him right now.

(…) Exceptional musician in the young German Jazz and Hip-Hop scene. (…)
– Jazzthing

(…) a power player with a fine sense (…)
– DLF National Public Radio Germany

(…) Magro is one of the most exciting drummers in town (…)
– Tip Berlin



So, 11. September 

The band Eleven creates a unique style combining Funk Pop and „dark” rock with alternative jazz. Each song has its own identity, built upon strong melodies, rich sounds and symbolic texts, that leave enough space for one’s own interpretation.
Eleven was formed in 2020 by the pianist and singer Nora Jim and the bass player Sébastien Degueldre. The duo, originally from Belgium, was joined one year later by the chilean drummer Sebastián Rosales Morandé.

Eleven recorded its debut EP „Hot Lake“ in November 2021.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/67p6RJvBZ1cxx6JYGKEorZ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onzelf
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eleven_onzelf

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Di, 13. September Two-Song Tuesday
Mi, 14. September Vincent Meissner Trio
Do, 15. September Florian Herzog – “Almost Natural”
Fr, 16. September Filipe Duarte Chamber Ensemble
Sa, 17. September Windisch Quartet – Release Concert: Meander