Donau115 x Taco Kween
Dear friends, 

We are continuing with Taco Tuesday & Saturday from 18:00 to 21:30, and Mexican Brunch Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00.
Jorge a.k.a. Taco Kween is a Mexican food artist who recently started preparing food in our kitchen. Authentic Mexican food and homemade organic tortillas, tamales, frijoles negros, echt legit tomatillo salsa, all made with love by hand…it’s surreal to find food this warm and alive in a crusty Berlin jazz bar.

Reservations and more info are available here: We’ve also added Taco Kween-approved margaritas to the drink menu!!

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Want to record in Donau115 on a relaxed, come-as-you-like basis?
Want a place to work on music away from your apartment?
Need a room for teaching voice, piano, guitar, or other chamber music instruments?
Need a space to run teaching workshops for many students at once?
Have 110 euros a month to spare?

During hours in which Donau115 is not open as a bar or in use for service staff needs, we are inviting musicians, composers, music teachers, and podcasters to use our space.

For a 110 euros per month introductory rate*, each coworker receives the following:
– 6 hours of guaranteed scheduled you-only time per week for workshops or quiet recording sessions on the coworking Google Calendar
– Additional flex time on a first-come-first-served basis as available on the coworking Google Calendar
– open access to the space for writing, using the internet, hanging out with other musician coworkers who happen to be there while you’re waiting for your session or workshop, having a coffee, etc.
* (This number and some of these conditions might need to be adjusted after the first few months so we can make sure we’re providing a service you need at the right price. We are very open to your feedback at this stage, so if you have a different idea about this structure but would still like to use our space, get in touch.)

We’ve been investing in a lot of nice stuff for you to use over the past few months, including:
– our upright piano, tuned (sort of!) regularly
– our projector for running workshops
– a Zoom L12 12-track simultaneous pre-amp set/audio mixer and capture card
– a Zoom Q2N streaming camera
– a pair of KRK 5 monitor speakers
– Gefell UM70 large-diaphragm condenser microphone (basically the DDR version of a Neumann U87)
– SM7-B large-diaphragm dynamic microphone
– Oktava M 012 (matched pair) condenser microphones
– + more SM57/and assorted clones than you could ever need
– an XLR snake / plenty of decent XLR cables
– plenty of microphone stands
– a coffee machine

It’s by no means a high-end studio or teaching space, but there’s enough here to make a solid-sounding album of songwriter material or jazz or chamber music, and enough space to hold teaching workshops in a cozy environment that you can be proud of and charge for.

Get in touch with us quickly if any of this sounds appealing. Only a limited number of slots are available.

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“What about live music?” Stay tuned. We are eager to get back to our regularly-scheduled program of nightly concerts. If you’re on this email list, you will be the first to know when we have good news for you on that front. Be patient. Hearing good music, safely for all, is worth the wait.


-Ihre D115 Team