Di, 30. November Two-Song Tuesday // OPEN MIC //

Do, 2. December Beatdenker invites for RECORD RELEASE
Fr, 3. December Practically Married #33 w/Percy Pursglove
Sa, 4. December Mirna Bogdanović Group
So, 5. December Christmas MarketHans Bilger and Friends

…..2G+: show vaccination/recovery pass AND negative test to get inside.
………Concerts: 10 Euros or more.
……………We started the Donau115 Musician Fund.
…………………The bar accepts card payments now.
………………………More info below.

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Di, 30. November 
Two-Song Tuesday // OPEN MIC //

///// TWO-SONG TUESDAY /////
[sign up 19:00 // start 20:00]

[CORONA SAFETY MEASURE: please bring your own microphone if you have one.]
Calling all songwriters!
Calling all composers and instrumentalists and synth wizards!
Calling all poets and writers and storytellers!
Do you have new solo or duo material you’re itching to present? Join us for Donau115’s regular open stage series, Two-Song Tuesdays.
Your set may include TWO SONGS or last TEN MINUTES.
“How do I get booked?”
// Just show up
// There is no pre-booking
// Sign up opens at 19:00 (first come, first booked)
// The first performer will begin at 20:30
// No soundcheck – so be ready. Slip on, blow minds, slip off.
“What can I play?”
This is entirely up to you. Out of respect for our neighbours:
– you may NOT use loud percussion and loud bass-heavy signals into the PA.
– you are welcome to use our backline, which includes:
— piano
— generic vocal microphones
— PA, accepting guitar/XLR cables

“Anything else?”
Donau115 is a very fun but weird musician’s musician kind of bar, come expecting oddballs.


Mi, 1. December 

an evening themed by host tobias christl

Tobias Christl (voc/eff/key)
Keisuke Matsuno (guit)
Dan Peter Sundland (e-bass)
Daniel Schröteler (drums)

WILDERN ist eine hochpulsierende Mischung aus Pop, Jazz und freier Improvisation. Die Band um den Sänger Tobias Christl nimmt sich Songs von Popgrößen wie Leonard Cohen, A-ha, den Beach Boys oder Simon & Garfunkel und stellt damit allerhand an. Erklärtes Ziel ist es, einen Kern der Lieder herauszuarbeiten und im neue Ebenen hinzuzufügen. Aus einer melancholischen Ballade entwächst ein Groovemonster, aus orchestralem Pomp wird eine kammermusikalische Miniatur in Gänsehaut.
Gemeinsam mit seiner Band entwickelt Tobias Christl Musik ganz selbstverständlich aus der Summe aller persönlichen Einflüsse und Eindrücke, egal aus welcher Richtung. Und der Lust, aus diesen etwas Eigenes zu erschaffen und neue Räume zu betreten.
Mit hörbarer Freude am Dekonstruieren, Abreißen und Umbauen entsteht hier wirklich neue Musik, reich an Ecken und Kanten, Kontrasten, Brüchen und unerwarteten Wendungen. Eine berauschende Reise in den Free Jazz und zurück, immer auf der Basis von unikaten und unverwechselbaren Arrangements. Zugleich bleibt die Seele der Songs erhalten, je nach Betrachtungsweise könnte man sagen: sie wird freigelegt.
Der Trieb ist reißerisch und möchte nicht gezähmt werden – Wildern!
„Einer der außergewöhnlichsten Musiker des deutschen Jazz. “
– Der Freitag
„Eine alle Genres überschreitende Musikvision.“
– Süddeutsche Zeitung
„Ein intelligenter Hörspaß, der bekannte Melodien und Songs in ein völlig neues Licht rückt.“
– Jazzthing
„Ein echtes Multitalent.“
– rbb Radio eins
„Tobias Christl ist eine Rarität, ein Sänger, den es so im deutschen Jazz noch nicht gab.“
– SR 2
Die Band wurde u.a. für den Echo Jazz, den Bremer Jazzpreis und den neuen Deutschen Jazzpreis nominiert.


Musikvideo „Take on me“
Live Video „Under the cherry moon“
Live-Mitschnitt „Avalanche / Sound of silence“


Do, 2. December 
Beatdenker invites for RECORD RELEASE

Beatdenker invites for RECORD RELEASE and endless fun!

Beatdenker – git, fx, mpc, loops, something

Beatdenker plays live and improvises every time and everywhere anew. For his Postcontemporary Brain Beats, he always brings his MPC for drum and fun samples, his loop station and his guitar synthesizer for nice and ugly melodies, fluid chords and mean basslines.
For his Donau series he usually invites different wonderful musicians for different music. But this time, he gonna present some music of his new album and more. It can be beaty, noisy, sensitive, funny, weird, something… but it will always be fresh, encouraging, real, spirited, bubbly and full of energy. Yippie!



Fr, 3. December
Practically Married #33 w/Percy Pursglove

Declan Forde – Piano
James Banner – Bass
Special guest
Percy Pursglove – Trumpet

improvised music.

Percy Pursglove is a multi-instrumentalist trumpeter, double bassist, educator, improviser and composer, working internationally across a broad spectrum of jazz, contemporary classical and creative musical settings.
“Somehow Pursglove created a completely whole musical world all of his own. That is a rare achievement.” – Jazzwise

Since 2015, Practically Married have collaborated with Vilde&Inga, Tobias Delius, John Hollenbeck, Max Andrzejewski, João Lopes Pereira, Eric Vaughn and many more, and have become a regular fixture on the Berlin jazz and improvised music scene. They also perform as part of other acts including the award-winning Rachel Sermanni and James Banner’s USINE, and have performed sold out shows at Spiegesaal and Konzerthaus Berlin (with Fabiana Striffler and Mirna Bogdanovic) and Leeds Jazz Festival in 2018. They have 4 releases available on Bandcamp, and currently curate a monthly series at Berlin’s Donau115, named ‘one of the best jazz clubs in Europe’ by The Guardian.


Sa, 4. December
Mirna Bogdanović Group

Mirna Bogdanovic – voice, efx, ukulele
Povel Widestrand – piano, synth
Peter Meyer – guit, efx
Felix Henkelhausen – bass
Philip Dornbusch – drums

Jazz singer/songwriter Mirna Bogdanović is combining vocal and instrumental, individual and collective, real-time and post-production, perception and reality: all presented on her debut album “Confrontation” (Klaeng Records). The album was awarded “Debut Album of The Year” by the Deutscher Jazzpreis and is on the Bestenliste 2/2021 of the “Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik”.
The band is going to the studio in January, to record Mirna’s second album – the program of which you will be able to hear at Donau115 on this very night. The band will also play songs from the first album.


A native Slovenian/Bosnian that’s now based in Berlin, Bogdanović is a Downbeat award winner, former member of the German National Big Band (BuJazzO), scholar of the University of Arts in Berlin, and Slovenian Ministry of culture. She is an active member of the Berlin jazz scene and has collaborated with numerous international musicians in Germany and abroad.
Not too many singers have the strength to make themselves independent from the vocal point of view in their own music. Mirna Bogdanović succeeds in squaring the circle by thinking like a pianist, guitarist, saxophonist or producer.
– Wolf Kampmann

“Singer/composer Mirna Bogdanovic has been a strong presence on the European jazz scene for some years now. Her sultry tone, expressive phrasing and total musicality, make her the choice of many musicians “in the know”. Comfortable in all walks of musical life, Ms. Bogdanovic is guaranteed to please.” – Greg Cohen


Photo: Dovile Sermokas


So, 5. December
Christmas Market

treasures from the earth – sounds from heavens – delicious Glühwein
Great earth treasure gift ideas!
Presented by Greg Cohen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Cohen
purchase musical christmas gifts
stay for the show afterwards:

Hans Bilger and Friends

Hans Bilger, a Berlin-based, New York City-raised musician, will be joined by some of the city’s most creative improvisers for a night of original music, folk songs, standards, and hymns.

Hans Bilger | voice, double bass, guitar
Ruby Bilger | voice
Jordan Dinsdale | percussion
Paul Santner | voice, double bass, guitar, piano
Fabiana Striffler | voice, violin

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TUES-SUN 18:00 – ??
We do not have a reservation system – show up early enough to get a seat! // // // // //

Plague Fun: Corona Rules

Case numbers are low, but the bug’s still around so we will be taking many measures to make sure we’re all doing our part to end the pandemic once and for all.

Since November 23rd we implement the so called 2G+ rule at Donau115. This means only people with full vaccination/recovery and a negative Schnelltest can come inside (2G+ = geimpft/genesen+getestet = vaccinated/recovered+tested).   

1: OUTSIDE: contact tracing – To join us outside, you must provide contact tracing information. We will keep this information safe for the required amount of time and destroy it with fire once that time has elapsed.

2: INSIDE: vaccinated or recovered + negative test – To join us inside, you must provide contact tracing information as above. Additionally, you must provide proof of full vaccination or recovery and a negative Schnelltest, without exception. You cannot get in with just a test (neither “Schnelltest” nor PCR-Test). Once you’re inside you don’t have to wear a mask anymore or keep minimum distance. Standing at the bar is also allowed again.

3: BE PATIENT AND FLEXIBLE- These rules are subject to change. We follow the directions of the Berlin Senate and when they provide new guidelines we will follow those. Always check the FB event or the website prior to coming to the concert to make sure you’re prepared for any government limitations that may have been imposed since last time you checked.

Eintritts-Kanne + Donau115 Musician Fund

Please contribute 10 EURO OR MORE to the Eintritts-Kanne. That’s your entry fee. Each night’s musicians receive 100% of this hard-earned money.

The Donau115 Musician Fund boosts the Eintritts-Kanne when nightly collections are too low. Consider a monthly contribution to support economic stability for musicians who perform here. All contributors will receive an annual secret surprise, exclusively for contributors.


Donau115 – Alt von Harbou Matheny GbR
IBAN DE64100400000655707800
Subject: Solidarity ____
(Include your email address in place of the ___ to receive informaiton about the annual secret surprise.)

We Now Accept Card Payments

We now accept credit cards. If you’re out of cash, just tell our staff and we’ll run your card for you, no minimum, no fee. #DeutscheDigitalisierung


Di, 7. December Two-Song Tuesday // OPEN MIC //
Mi, 8. December JAMIE & I.M.H.O.

Do, 9. December BLUME
Fr, 10. December Henkelhausen / Gerhardus / Wankel
Sa, 11. December KAYAN Project
So, 12. December Friede Merz